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Does Posting on Social Media Freek You Out?

February 25, 20234 min read

One thing I frequently see in the social media pages of talented and experienced coaches/experts is this:

While they are great at what they do, they're AFRAID to post on social media with what I call "content with purpose."

Which would have them attracting clients WAY more easily than they are now.

What is content with purpose?

It's not just posting more, it's posting the right type of content, primarily authority content that demonstrates expertise.

Sure, they might post fun and personal stuff...but when it comes to demonstrating their knowledge and expertise which would draw in their ideal peeps, guess what happens?

The inner critic steps in, starts talking nasty and knocks their spirit down.

Now instead of moving in inspiration towards the keyboard or camera to create content that their prospects are secretly waiting to hear, they are avoiding the very activity that would lead to new clients.

Here's the simple formula for rollercoaster revenues:

Lack of consistent authority content = lack of new clients. 

Not only that, but by now they've spent good money on mindset and business coaches or consulting trying to get alignment and mindset, typically into tens of thousands in investment.

My fellow coaches pretty much know what to do, but they're NOT doing it when it comes to content marketing.

Maybe they're even feeling it's time to sign up for yet ANOTHER webinar or workshop that promises to have the secret sauce. 

If I ask them why they aren't posting, it's:

"I just need to find the inspiration,”


"Facebook just isn't my thing, maybe LinkedIn?"

Then in one week, they're saying the same thing about LinkedIn and thinking about going back to Facebook, or trying TikTok, or whatever.

And yet, no new client attraction content has been generated.

Which means no new leads, no new clients/cash. Maybe a one-off client or a referral once every few months or so, but that's about it.

Here's another "good reason" I've heard as well:

"It feels too limiting to post about my offer/niche all the time. I think I'll annoy people and don't want to be too sales-y."

In the next moment, I'll remind my them how many times people need to see marketing content before reaching out, let alone buying,

They'll agree with me...maybe even ADMIT they're afraid to post, have imposter syndrome, etc...

But the next day, nothing changes in their posting activity.

It's pure FEAR running the show, underneath all the rational explanations which are just a cover.

If you're reading this, maybe you are that person.

For sure I get it. I've been there, too.

What's the solution? Simple:

1. Creating content that draws your people in, and identifies with the struggles that your solution solves.

2. Creating content that has a purpose that will move your people closer to saying yes to your offer. 

3. Using Stories and case studies that offer social proof that your solution delivers, and amplifies your authority. 

From there, amazingly, all these reasons above (and more) of "why I can't post on social media" start to vaporize as the fear and self-bout does.

It's like inspiration comes out of nowhere. But it was always there, underneath the fear.

Now? These coaches can start really showing up, and posting client attraction content consistently.

What's more? They start having FUN doing it.

Imagine that, fun over fear...all leading to new clients / bucks in the bank.

They become an unstoppable force of creativity and service, and you can feel it in their words on the page or on camera.

It's not just an action thing, but a "VIBE" thing, too.

We live in a time where you can create a business that truly helps others, doing what you love, and creatively expressing yourself while earning well.

But if fear is in the way, it'll be a rollercoaster ride at best. Or business will be over, eventually.

And the thing about fear, it often doesn't appear as fear. It appears as constantly trying to find the right mindset, wanting to try new platforms, and being concerned about being too obnoxious or noisy.

I'm here to help fix that. Because contrary to what some believe, the more we have skilled coaches out there doing change-work out in the world, the better.




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I help businesses discover the gaps in their marketing program, and create a strategy to fix it! DIY or Done For You, Your Solution is The Write Stephanie!

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I help businesses discover the gaps in their marketing program, and create a strategy to fix it!

DIY or Done For You, The RIGHT Solution is The WRITE Stephanie!

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I help businesses discover the gaps in their marketing program, and create a strategy to fix it! DIY or Done For You, The RIGHT Solution is The WRITE Stephanie!

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