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About me

I'm a Marketing Mentor, Storyteller, and Content Creator.

I help Clients Increase Sales, Build Authentic Relationships and Create Lifetime Value Clients that Produce Sustainable Income.

I help  others be more comfortable with sales conversations and how to create their own marketing with authenticity and strategy that can be measured for improvement beyond popularity contest metrics, but have specific purposes based on strategy. 

In my old 9-5, I averaged 30K Sales Conversations a year.                            I learned that making genuine connections beat slick sales tactics every time! It was during that time I was training others to be more comfortable with sales conversations, and improve their sales results.                                                                                                      

I bring that experience into my Mentoring and Marketing Copy.                                         

  I have been blessed to help others in their business using my skills and work experience.

During one of my work from home businesses, I discovered I had a talent for writing ad copy that generated leads for my MLM. In fact, I enjoyed the writing more than I did selling the product!


A friend needed help in her business, so I used my writing skills and sales experience to help her gain visibility and increase sales. 

I was able to increase her social media business page by 600 new followers in only 90 days! Next, we tackled her email campaigns, and she went from almost zero open rate, to 18%. 

 After being told repeatedly that I should do this for a living, I took the plunge and officially started my business. I have a passion to help people find their voice in marketing, learn how to create their own marketing with authenticity. 

Getting on calls with new people, and giving them ideas to help their marketing with no strings attached is one of my favorite things to do! 

 I show them what is holding them back, and  how to  combine a solid marketing strategy, and implement a system, including analytics, to always improve on what they have achieved before. (That’s the Mentor in me.)

Because of my unique combination of skills and experience, I am able to offer my clients Copywriting and Marketing assistance from day 1 in their business, to providing exclusive Done for you services for all your content and marketing needs. 

If you are struggling to get enough leads to talk to,                                                                                        

If you get engagement on your social media but few sales,                                                                              

If your income is not consistent and you don’t know how to move past that,                     

Or, if you are doing all the right things but not getting results and don’t know why….         


If you can commit to an investment of $125. Per month, I can teach you the solution to those struggles and get to the next level. 

Startups To 6 Figures Mentoring Program

The Startups to 6 figures Mentorship

is a unique Mentoring Program that

helps Businesses that do not have a marketing strategy, or that DIY their own marketing

In our sessions I start at the level your business is now, and what action will bring you to the next level.

There is no ABC system that everyone goes through. If you need the basics, check out my 90 Day Marketing Mastery Course.

The sessions are a blend of education, accountability strategy, analysis and done with you content creation as needed.

You will learn how to:

Create consistent sustainable income in 12 Months or less

by implementing a clear plan, commiting to consistency,

and regularly using analysis and revision of marketing content to obtain the best results possible so you can

earn 6 figures and scale higher

You will have a minimum of:

One hour Mentoring call each Month

Custom 360° Marketing Strategy

Templates and other Freebies.

90 Day Done With You Content Services

This Package is perfect for those that prefer to DIY, but want to Improve their Marketing Results.

You will receive:

3 Mentoring Sessions

Custom Marketing Analysis and Strategy

Marketing Basics Mini Workbook - this is a quick review on organic 360° Marketing from lead generation to what to do after the close.

Done with You Services Include:

2 Articles done for you as a model and guidance for you doing the 3rd and 4th

My Custom process to break down the articles into 5 Social Media Posts per article

3 Custom Email Templates and guidance while you create a Call to Action Email

These spots are limited, as I only work with qualified clients to ensure they are ready to take action and implement what they learn for best results.

Done For You Holiday Marketing Package

This includes:

Marketing Triage call

One Strategy Consultation Zoom call

3 Status Report Emails

System Set up and 90 Days of Done For You Holiday Marketing Services.

Copy Included:

Email marketing setup and Social Media Scheduling Platform setup

as well as

a minimum of

20 Social Media Posts/Month

3 Email Newsletters /Month

After the Promotional period I will conduct the Post Promotion Analysis call. In it I will be checking on your goals and see how you did

… Evaluate your key metrics: revenue generated, social media conversion rate

… Create a “What I’d do same/ differently next time” doc for future reference

… Schedule your next holiday promotion 3-6 months from now

lets chat

Schedule a call with me

No Pitch Marketing Triage Call

Digital Influencer Services

This Package includes:

Marketing Triage and Custom Digital Influencer Marketing Strategy

Quarterly Consultation to analyze and Revise your content to constantly improve your results.

20 Social Media Posts per month

Plus Graphics

… Evaluate your key metrics: revenue generated, social media conversion rate

… Create a Revise, Remove, and Recycle doc for the content I created.

Six Month Minimum or discounted 12 Month Contract.

These spots are limited to ensure You recive the maximum assistance needed for the best results.

To Qualify You must:

Have a minimum of 1000 connections on Social Media

Generate Consistant income between 1K - 3K per Month.

Fantastic Four

This package includes full 360° Marketing Strategy and Done for you Content for 12 Months.

It includes everything in the previous two Done For You Service packages

Promotion Package

Digital influencer

And adds on

Email marketing setup

Nurturing Email Campaigns

This includes

a minimum of:

20 Social Media Posts/Month

4 Email campaigns /Month

1 Promotional Launch/year

You must be well qualified for this service to achieve the optimal results.

I only take 3 clients per year for this premimum intenstive Service, so there is often a wait list.

If you desire Done for you services but do not meet the qualifications for this package, I may create a custom offer for those that are driven to scale their business.

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