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Marketing Strategy Guide

An important part of creating a successful marketing strategy is setting clear goals and expectations of what you want to achieve. Your primary goal, however, should be to increase conversions defined by key metrics as determined by Your Revenue Goals.

This Guide will teach you how to:

Define your target audience

Gain that audience’s attention

Identify who is actively engaging with you

Nurture engagement into a conversion

Track & measure conversion metrics

Leverage relationships to create customers

I help coaches, consultants, speakers, authors &

experts like you...

Stephanie possesses the expertise to take any business to the next level. She is knowledgeable about the latest organic marketing trends and knows what it takes to attract the ideal client to your business. Every interaction I’ve had with Stephanie reflects her high level of professionalism and commitment to clients. Amy M

We’ve seen amazing growth in our organic reach all directly attributed to the Digital Influencer Services. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to expand their presence online. Steve N

We have been working with The Write Stephanie for a little over a year now and have been very impressed with everything she does for us.  She is a full-service marketing solution that truly goes above and beyond to make her clients’ lives easier. Lisa D

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Spending time trying to market your business online can feel like it's taking you away from what you really want to do—the reason you started your business in the first place.


I get it. Maximizing your marketing to get new clients while running your business can be overwhelming. That's why I'm here to help!


I'll take care of turning your online audience into your clients so you can do more of what you love to do.

No Pitch Triage Call

how it helps you

Are you struggling with creating content

that gets engagement but no sales?

Have you been doing "All" the marketing

to do list, but nothing is working?

Isn't it about time to generate consistent

income and end the feast or famine cycle?

Have you ever felt like You are

  • Creating content with no strategy that moves viewers to buyers?

Overwhelmed with not knowing how to market yourself effectively and not getting the results you see others achieving?

What would it feel like to go from totally frustrated with having no help and No Clear Plan to market your business to totally crushing your sales goals right now

Meet Stephanie

I'm a Marketing Mentor, Storyteller, and Content Creator.

I help Clients Increase Sales, Build Authentic Relationships and Create Lifetime Value Clients that Produce Sustainable Income.

I help  others be more comfortable with sales conversations and how to create their own marketing with authenticity and strategy that can be measured for improvement beyond popularity contest metrics, but have specific purposes based on strategy. 

In my old 9-5, I averaged 30K Sales Conversations a year.                            I learned that making genuine connections beat slick sales tactics every time! It was during that time I was training others to be more comfortable with sales conversations, and improve their sales results.                                                                                                      

I bring that experience into my Mentoring and Marketing Copy.                                         

  I have been blessed to help others in their business using my skills and work experience.

During one of my work from home businesses, I discovered I had a talent for writing ad copy that generated leads for my MLM. In fact, I enjoyed the writing more than I did selling the product!


A friend needed help in her business, so I used my writing skills and sales experience to help her gain visibility and increase sales. 

I was able to increase her social media business page by 600 new followers in only 90 days! Next, we tackled her email campaigns, and she went from almost zero open rate, to 18%. 

 After being told repeatedly that I should do this for a living, I took the plunge and officially started my business. I have a passion to help people find their voice in marketing, learn how to create their own marketing with authenticity. 

Getting on calls with new people, and giving them ideas to help their marketing with no strings attached is one of my favorite things to do! 

 I show them what is holding them back, and  how to  combine a solid marketing strategy, and implement a system, including analytics, to always improve on what they have achieved before. (That’s the Mentor in me.)

Because of my unique combination of skills and experience, I am able to offer my clients Copywriting and Marketing assistance from day 1 in their business, to providing exclusive Done for you services for all your content and marketing needs. 

If you are struggling to get enough leads to talk to,                                                                                        

If you get engagement on your social media but few sales,                                                                              

If your income is not consistent and you don’t know how to move past that,                     

Or, if you are doing all the right things but not getting results and don’t know why….         


If you can commit to an investment of $125. Per month, I can teach you the solution to those struggles and get to the next level. 


Sandy A

"She is a talented writer and has exceeded my expectations at every turn."

 “I don’t know where to begin with how much Stephanie has helped my (web design) business and my clients. She is such a talented writer and has exceeded my expectations at every turn. Her remarkable, on-brand copy has already made quite an impression.

Her attention to detail and genuine interest in my clients and their needs allows her to produce copy that will greatly benefit my clients for years to come. I am beyond grateful that I’ve invested in this business relationship with her and I can’t wait to continue working with her.”


Joe W

You did a fantastic job! I am very happy with all that you wrote. I love your attention to detail and timely responses. After I read all that you wrote about my photography work, I wanted to hire me!

I thought we’d have a lot of going back and forth as I sat down with my printed sheets, clip board, highlighter and pen — none of which I needed. I wouldn’t change a thing! Joe W


Andi M

The Write Stephanie is a well-oiled marketing machine. It is readily apparent she is well-versed in the results-driven philosophy that makes TWS such a valuable asset to their clients. Bottom line: She is invested in their clients’ prosperity, and they are driven to help their clients succeed in the best way possible. Andi M

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